COVID-19 Statement

At Yumba, we're committed to delivering delicious food prepared with your health as our top priority. We love cooking for you and understand that our service is one of the best ways to avoid high traffic areas such as grocery stores. We have made several enhancements to our production process to ensure every meal that leaves our facility is held to the highest safety standards. Here are some of the precautions we have taken:

- We have been carefully monitoring our supply chain to ensure enhanced precautions are being taken.
- We've encouraged our employees to work from home or take paid time off if experiencing even the slightest symptoms of cold or flu.

- All employees wear gloves and facemasks throughout the entire production process.

- Our employees have doubled the length of time and frequency for handwashing.

- Our delivery drivers no longer accept virtual signatures at the door. They also wear gloves and return all reusable bags to an isolated area until we deem them safe to reuse. 

We hope to bring happiness to your week with great food from around the world, at great prices! Feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have any additional questions about what we are doing to make your safety our top priority.


Will Bowcott
CEO & Co-Founder, Yumba